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– Implementation of these steps will guarantee the timely development of a well-thought-out and designed marketing/ branding campaign across all spectrums.

– Teaser marketing is great for the hype and allows our customers to be a part of the build process. Making the marketing team a part of the development process will allow us to deliver the hype while understanding the principles and thought process behind the build – an important part of the process which can be translated into quality marketing pieces and the overall strategy. 


Outlined are the steps by which the marketing team can deliver on a well-branded, and properly strategized marketing effort for new releases. No rushing. No mistakes. No headaches. No last minute jobs. 

Following this protocol on new product launches will deliver an accurate and comprehensive marketing/ branding campaign which will be completed with ease, thus allowing for ample time to have all necessary media assets designed/ printed and ready for distribution.  

Key questions that need to be answered or submitted during the process: 

  • How will the product/ service add value to our customers and/ or industry?
  • Are we first to market? If not, how does our offering differ from competing products?
  • What is the ETA on product delivery?
  • A spec sheet needs to be submitted with materials used, how many parts or components are used to create one unit as well as a wireframe or concept rendering if applicable. The more information provided, the better we can created added value for the new launch
  • There must be ONE point person who will be accountable for answering any product related questions
  • A full spec sheet must be supplied prior to creating any marketing collateral.
  • Deadlines must be adhered to. Deadlines are to be made, not manipulated or adjusted. 

Media Assets to be produced:

Sales Brochures | Copywriting | Taglines | Single Sheeters | Landing Page (if applicable) | Blog Posts  | Teaser Vids | Teaser Still Photos | Press Release | Media Strategy | Video – Product breakdown


Once a project gets a green light. A briefing as to why the product is being introduced, potential benefits, and uses of the product/ service, as well as estimated ETA is a great start. Giving us a heads up, will allow for ample time to create mockups which will best support the product.  


If one member of the marketing team could sit in on key meetings, this will provide a better understanding of the work involved to create said product. In addition, this provides a glimpse into the  process behind the R&D and allows opportunity to gather technical specs on the product. We can use these sessions to shoot still photos and video, which can be used as teaser media for pre-launch social marketing. 

If the product is to be used on a test run, it is imperative that the marketing team to be there to not only witness it in action but to capture valuable footage which can be used all across the board. 


While awaiting finalization of the prototype, the marketing team should have have already created a rough draft of the marketing campaign and media strategy- sales sheets/ landing pages/ press release, etc. 

These proofs should be complete with 1st round drafts of verbiage, slogans, titles and taglines as well as specs necessary collateral to promote the product or service. 

The only thing that will NOT be complete will be the product imagery since we are waiting on the arrival of the first article. During this time, upper management must make all necessary changes in terms of messaging, specs, proposition statements, taglines, and design. THIS NEEDS TO HAVE A HARD DEADLINE AND WE NEED A  SINGLE POINT PERSON WHO WILL MAKE THE SECONDARY APPROVAL.   


With approvals done, and the new product in transit or being constructed, we should have already passed final approvals/ changes on all marketing collateral verbiage and design. What does this mean? All we have left to do is shoot the final product photos/ videos and implement a launch date in accordance with delivery of the product.  

Once images have been dropped in, it will be ready for FINAL APPROVAL. Once approved, we will be ready for market implementation and create a calendar of launch dates based on the strategies and media collateral in hand. 


A mindful approach to new product launches will result in stress-free and stellar branding campaigns the entire team can be proud of. Last but not least, this will be a fun process that everyone can take pride in knowing they had a hand in its creation.