Your website is your digital footprint. It is an extension of your brand, your secondary storefront, and an investment that works 24 hours a day. That said, a well-designed website is a vital component of any business. It must exude your company ethos, be visually appealing, and instill a sense of authenticity, trust, and confidence.

At Plane Paper, we design websites with cognitive fluency. Websites that merge fashion with function. At Plane Paper, we are obsessed with the micro details and understand that every product or service being sold needs to be packaged and presented in a manner that communicates care, quality, and trust.   

Web design

We design mobile-friendly websites that resonate with trust, confidence, and authenticity.


From brand architecture to brand identity, we can help identify and establish your digital and print presence.


We design logos, digital banners, flyers, post cards, business cards and more.

Top Tier Design

The worldwide web grants access to anyone willing to play. The cost of entry? Nothing more than a vision and a website. Unfortunately, this is where the game changes. Larger companies, or those with large investors, are afforded the privilege of working with top-tier design agencies giving them the unfair advantage of having a well-branded, well-planned, and well-executed website. Meanwhile, smaller companies are more often than not stuck working with who they can afford, and the results end up mediocre at best. We are here to change that.

Plane Paper provides affordably priced, top-tier branding, web design services, and content production for small to mid-size businesses. In short, we are here to disrupt the market and level the digital playing field.


Pressed for time? We can help. We write in your style and tone, you take the credit


Let us help you with your content. As content specialists, we can keep you up to date with engaging content that speaks to your market.


We can help you roll out a proper editorial style for your business, product, or service.