because it's the first thing they'll see


Now that you have your mission statement done, it’s time to put together a logo. But don’t put together a logo for the sake of putting together a logo. Your logo represents your business. It represents your dreams. A logo is the face of your business and the first thing everyone will see. So take your time, put some thought into it. 

Make it iconic. Make it memorable. 

Follow these golden rules of logo design:


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The logo should represent your personality. It should bring out the attributes or characteristics of the product or service you sell. Think about your style and that of the audience you want to attract. Determining your sense of style and direction will help you or your designer achieve the results you need.

Try to incorporate an icon in your logo. When designed and marketed correctly and frequently, your brand icon will be able to stand alone to represent your company or products. Think the Nike Swoosh or the Apple found on Mac products. 

While it’s not necessary, it gives you an advantage when it comes to your brand’s marketability.

Choose icons that will be timeless. Do the same for your font. Over stylized fonts are quick to date and, at times challenging to read. Minimal fonts are a great example and are often used by large and successfully marketed brands.

Logos with super fine details and intricate lines will not work well to make die-cut stickers or embroidered apparel. Create a logo that is functionally usable across all marketing channels.

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Don’t be afraid to use colors. Colors can help you connect on an emotional level with your customers. Do you want to see how colors affect mood? Click here.

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