Be Fast. Be Precise. Be Creative.


The first step in building a brand is to have a clear and concise mission statement. You must memorize this by heart and recite it like the alphabet. 

Far too many business owners try to tell you everything that’s on their plate. Be short. Be sweet. Make it powerful. Make it interesting and inject your personality into it.  

Here is an example, and right below it, the alternative we came up with after viewing their work and getting to know the owner’s personality:

“We are a female-owned business that shares stories about powerful women. We have articles on physical and mental fitness, entrepreneurship, and we are here to build a community with like-minded writers and photographers. After my tenure as a leading editor, I have taken control of my own destiny to create this brand.” 

After viewing her work, here is what we came up with:

Through dynamic storytelling, we inspire women to unlock their true potential. We empower women globally, and teach them that their dreams should never be defined by society or gender stereotypes.

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