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DOOR HANDLES by Undisclosed

Product Feature for Centurion


Nestled in a quaint Los Angeles neighborhood is a picture-perfect home that’s well-manicured and perfectly appointed. It’s the home of a designer who refers to himself as “Undisclosed,” and it’s a moniker he lives up to. He spent his youth engineering award-winning surgical equipment, and his success has afforded him a life of leisure. Yet, instead of traveling the world or collecting cars, he’s instead become a recluse with an ill temper and an intense passion for creating one-off home goods, which are all concocted inside his clandestine machine shop that occupies his three-car garage.  

Undisclosed refers to his creations as “conversation pieces” and has become the prized possessions of his whisper-list clientele. He prides himself in never making duplicates and insists that function supersedes form and fashion. “I never make two of anything. I hate mass production,” says Undisclosed. He adds, “Each of my pieces is dual function. One function is apparent and the other only known to its owner.” Take, for example, the Canon 50 mm lens doorknob. It first functions as a doorknob but doubles as a lens holder. Meanwhile, the Cosinon Reflex Zoom knob doubles as an active surveillance lens tied into his Crestron home automation system. 

With Undisclosed, his creations are limited to your budget, and his most expensive doorknob to date utilized a Nikkor 6mm, which alone cost its owner well over six figures. 

With no website, no publicly listed contact info, Undisclosed is for those in the know, so if you want one of his pieces, a referral by an existing client is a must, and from there, “Membership has its privileges.” 

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Product Feature for BBI


These home accessories from Buster + Punch have become the ultimate statement of excess. Visually stimulating and exotic to the touch, their light switches make turning on your lights an experience and have become the hallmark of their brand. Available in brass, stainless, and several color options, these light switches feature old school rotary knobs sporting the B+P signature diamond-cut, cross knurl pattern. Visually, the craftsmanship is spot-on, and their manufacturing standards rival those found on only the best luxury products. More than just light switches, Buster + Punch makes delightful home accessories, and while they do cost a pretty penny, it should come as no surprise that it costs to be the boss.