What gets you to work? And your Kids to School? Your Discipline?
Your Dedication?

No. It's the tires on your car so don't be cheap

(feature in LR Magazine for Continental Tire)

In the never-ending quest to build a lowrider, it’s not uncommon for many of us to try to save a few bucks. But in doing so, the one thing you should never skimp on is your tires.

Whether it’s your daily driver, your tow vehicle, or your wife’s SUV, you need a reliable set of tires to keep your family and precious cargo safe. Your tires are the foundation of your vehicle, with each tire supporting a quarter of your vehicle’s total weight. They are pivotal to the handling, performance, and gas mileage of your car, and that’s why we always run with the brand we trust: Continental. 

Founded in 1871, Continental Tires has a deep-seated history of excellence. As one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of tires, a little-known fact about this German brand is that they produce other automotive components such as instrumentation, brake systems, and drivetrains. Aside from being the first company in the world to develop grooved tires, their continual desire to improve vehicle dynamics is what ranks them among the best in the business, and the release of their new PureContact LS is proof.

What Makes the PureContact LS Stand Out?

The PureContact LS is available in 29 sizes to accommodate wheels from 16 to 20-inches, but what truly stands out are its performance values and exceptional tread life. When compared to others in its class, the PureContact LS shines with a tread projection of 90,000 miles – whereas others average between 40,000 to 65,000. In addition, Continental Tires offers one of the best warranties in the business including road side hazard, flat tire assistance and more.   

So let’s take a closer look at what PureContact LS tires has to offer:


Regardless of weather conditions, the new PureContact LS will keep you glued to the road thanks to Continental’s proprietary EcoPlusTechnology. After extensive testing inside Continental’s Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer (a 48 million dollar test facility that tests tires under wet, dry, and icy conditions), tests show the new redesign have a 10% improvement in Wet Traction and a 23% increase in treadwear compared to its already well-performing predecessor. 


The howl of a nagging better half could prove tiresome during a road trip, but coming in at a close second is road noise. Thanks to the engineers at Continental, the new PureContact LS features a 50% noise reduction compared to its PureContact. They do this using ContiSilent technology – a process where an inner shock absorber made of polyurethane foam is bonded to the inner surface of the tire tread. The result? A 9 dB reduction in road noise.


Continental take the guess work out of tire maintenance with their new Quick View Indicators. Tuned Performance Indicators let you know when their tires no longer perform at optimal conditions in Dry, Wet, or Snow conditions. In contrast, the Alignment Verification System lets you know when your tires need to be aligned. 


Continental’s “Total Confidence Plan” offers the following benefits:

FLAT TIRE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE – This allows owners to get a free flat change and spare installation for free for up to 150 miles*

ROAD HAZARD –  Continental will replace damaged tires for free within the first 12-months of purchase*

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TRIAL– If you don’t like your tires within the first 60 days, Continental will replace them for free*

LIMITED WARRANTY – If you’re tires become unserviceable with the first 12 months, Continental will replace them for free*



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Remember, the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately, so get up on the game, and don’t trust your life or the safety of your family with a set of cheap tires. In this lifetime, you get what you pay for, so roll with a brand that’s trusted and known for setting the benchmark of excellence when it comes to high-performance tires.

Good luck, and we’ll see everyone at the Super Show!

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