This is where all conceptual packaging for Koncept Inc will live. Once we choose the final logo, I can begin mock-ups of packaging options that fit the Koncept brand best. The first two are merely a visual representation of how darker colors on packaging can exude feelings of luxury, sophistication, and mystery. These concepts will also toggle your brain to think outside the box and envision what the future of Koncept Inc packaging will look like.  

Packaging Reinforces Perceived Value 

Many see packaging as nothing more than a box to protect a given product. In reality, product packaging is much more than that. The packaging of your product changes buyer perception and can either add or subtract value from the product inside. In short, quality packaging attracts buyers and builds brand equity. In addition, the packaging of a product speaks volumes about what’s inside and creates a connection with the buyer. 

My recommendation is to look into changing the packaging of your product to match the quality of the lights your produce. The current packaging works, but it does not evoke the same excitement and quality as the lighting inside. Especially in today’s business environment, quality packaging for luxury or high-end goods is a must to build substantial brand equity. 


If new boxing is not an option, I would recommend looking into box sleeves that can slide over the existing boxes. A well-designed sleeve using quality paper makes all the difference and completes the shopping experience for your target market.  

The end goal is to create an eye catching package that acts as an extension of your brand. It should communicate the passion you have as designers, and make customers appreciate the product from the moment they touch the box. 

Before After

Cover Slip Concept: Before & After Comparison in black

Front Lip Verbiage: Drive out the Darkness & Let Your Light Shine

Before After

Cover Slip Concept: Before & After Comparison in white

Front Lip of the Box Verbiage: OPEN IT UP & LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE

Concept Box with die-cut foam insert and warranty card. This design exercise shows how packaging can influence and upscale your product. If you can work this option into your cost structure, it would take your brand to an entirely new level; if not, it could be a packaging option for a limited-edition or collaborative release in the future. 

The two signatures in the mock up are representative of the your signatures.  It adds a nice personal touch should you like the idea. 

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE is a sample slogan that works well but it could easily be modified to your liking. 

Before After

Inexpensive Option: Use a plain box and a plain white sticker to seal the package. Minimal in design and cost and still retains a minimalist feel. If this option is chosen, special consideration needs to be made in the type of cardboard box you choose. 

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