This page is about the health performance of your website. A total of 162 pages were crawled and there are currently 412 issues to deal with. While many are minor, there is one critical error that should be fixed immediately:


The link above has a 500 Status code which is an Internal Server Error basically indicates that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevents it from fulfilling the request.  


In addition, special attention needs to taken when it comes to designing the “mobile” version of your site. Google weighs in heavy on sites that are not mobile friendly and your current site is having several issues which will be outlined below.  

If you scroll below, I have included a downloadable report with clickable links to the URL’s listed along with the issue affecting them.  


Koncept’s domain authority is 39. Scores between 40 and 50 are average while 50–60 is good and above 60 is considered excellent. Domain Authority of a website is describes its relevance for a particular subject or industry – in your case lighting. This has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines. 



(LCP) Largest Contentful Paint: LCP is a vital web metric that measures how long it takes for the largest element to become visible. LCP is generally an image or a text block and LCP accounts for 25% of the overall Page Speed of your site. A good LCP score should be equal to 2.5 seconds. 

4 pages suffer from LCP

3 pages suffer from Total Blocking Time

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