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The Zombie Proof House

ZOMBIE PROOF HOUSE (Full article was found in the print version of the magazine) Racking your shotgun becomes much less


Peek-A-Boom COVER FEATURE FOR HOME DEFENDER MAGAZINE You’re sound asleep when suddenly you hear noises coming from your living room.

Blindsided by Success

SUCCESS CAN BREEDCOMPLACENCY When you start reaching massive success, it’s time to be scared.  By JVJ Reverse psychology can sound

Enlightenment through Dark Art

KRIS KUKSI Editorial BY JVJ for BBI Mag Having “the finer things” in life is an opulent dream; one that

Home Essentials for Those Who Know

Check out our work DOOR HANDLES by Undisclosed Product Feature for Centurion YOUR DOOR KNOBS DON’T HAVE TO BE BORING (Images

The Sacrificial Ferrari

article published in hh Anthony James Los Angeles THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE Would you make the ultimate sacrifice and burn your


LIFESTYLE PUBLICATION LOGO TIMELESS & BOLD The logo needed to be bold and use styling cues from popular brands that